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Canons of Holy Bread Baking!

Im involved in making the Holy Bread at St Barbara & St Noufers Coptic Orthodox Church! Amongst the guys who bake the Holy Bread or “Orban”, we were discussing whether there were actually any guidelines or canons on how the Holy Bread should be made. Being Me, i stumbled across the Following book from the… Continue reading Canons of Holy Bread Baking!

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Miracles That Occur In the Liturgy – St John Chyrsostom

At such a time angels stand by the Priest; and the whole sanctuary, and the space round about the altar, is filled with the powers of heaven, in honour of Him who lies thereon. For this, indeed, is capable of being proved from the very rites which are being then celebrated. I myself, moreover, have… Continue reading Miracles That Occur In the Liturgy – St John Chyrsostom

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Hymns of Resurrection Part 1

A curious custom of the Coptic Church is the liturgy is prayed and sung in Coptic, the original language of ancient Egypt. The Church keeps alive the language of the pharaohs, which was written in hieroglyphics, hieratic and demotic and now a modified version of the Greek alphabet, Egyptian written in Greek and demotic (the Copt)… Continue reading Hymns of Resurrection Part 1

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Priesthood, Sacraments and the Anamnesis

Recently our parish Father, asked me to write a reply to one of our protestant brothers in regards to the following issues. 1. Concerning Priesthood 2. Concerning the Orthodox understanding of Sacraments 3. The true understanding of what really happens during communion and what is meant by remembrance or the Anamnesis. Below is the article… Continue reading Priesthood, Sacraments and the Anamnesis