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I Saw You Under The Fig Tree – Nathanael

Who is Nathanael? What did Jesus mean when he said to Nathanael that he saw him under the Fig Tree? Why did Nathanael proclaim the Messiah had arrived when he heard this? The article below presents a simple taste of the beauty of Orthodox Tradition on who this individual was. CLICK HERE for the article God… Continue reading I Saw You Under The Fig Tree – Nathanael

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Priesthood, Sacraments and the Anamnesis

Recently our parish Father, asked me to write a reply to one of our protestant brothers in regards to the following issues. 1. Concerning Priesthood 2. Concerning the Orthodox understanding of Sacraments 3. The true understanding of what really happens during communion and what is meant by remembrance or the Anamnesis. Below is the article… Continue reading Priesthood, Sacraments and the Anamnesis